NSA 150SH Shower Water Filter


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In a 15 minute shower, your skin, being the largest organ in your body, absorbs more toxins than by drinking an 8 oz. glass of municipal tap water. Because your body acts like a “sponge” for chlorine, you can be exposed to 6 to 100 times more chlorine and waterborne toxins by taking a shower than by drinking the same water. Additionally, the chlorine (along with other chemicals) gets into the shower steam as toxic vapor chloroform which we breathe in. The delicate membranes of your lungs are coated with, and then adsorb them. If you have any respiratory problems, this can be dangerous due to the chlorine byproducts (THMs). This can be deadly to people with impaired immune systems. You can prevent, and even reverse chlorine- damaged skin and hair, while cutting exposure to potentially harmful toxins by purchasing an NSA shower filter.

  • Designed specifically for showers
  • Enjoy the clean, fresh feeling of chlorine-free bathing
  • Easy installation, no special tools required
  • GAC w/ Silver Impregnated Carbon
  • Bacteriostatic Media prevents bacteria growth
  • Removes Chlorine, odor and color
  • Includes a handy tray for soap and shampoo storage
  • Comes with all the necessary hardware for complete installation


Weight 15 lbs

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